Erin O’Neill Doppke

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Trainer and Head of Marmon College

Marmon College

I teach existing and design new management courses for the Marmon Group and Colson companies, as well as run several aspects of the business of Marmon College. I keep up the website, process the registrations and invoices, pay the trainers, and help make strategic decisions for the company.


I worked for a large computer training company for several years as a trainer and instructional designer, eventually managing a group of about ten employees, which allowed me to learn about management; training; and adult learning.


I won various awards when I worked at the computer training company, including Trainer of the Year (for the highest overall rating among the 100+ trainers in the company); the Oustanding Client Service Award (for managing a $2M project successfully over the course of a year); and Manager of the Year.


I left that company to pursue my Master’s degree in instructional technology and adult education from Northern Illinois University (see Masters Thesis here—I won an Oustanding Portfolio Award the year I graduated) and run a small consulting company, mostly focusing on instructional design for manufacturing companies. These experiences prepared me perfectly to take on the roles I have at Marmon College.


At Marmon College, I teach the Improving Managerial Performance, Improving Managerial Efficiency, and Problem-Solving and Decision-Making courses.