Erin O’Neill Doppke

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Wedding Singer

I am a classically-trained soprano, singing for weddings and other events at St. Cletus Church and other Chicago-area churches. I cantor mass at St. Cletus several times a month—just click the link above to contact me and I’ll let you know when I’m singing next.


I studied vocal performance while at the University of Notre Dame, and have sung with various Chicago ensenbles, most recently with the prestigious Apollo Chorus of Chicago. Every year I was in the Chorus I was selected for solo work.


I’ve won a bunch of singing awards, and I really like doing it. I even sang on Oprah once!



  • Click here to hear an example of a song I performed with the Apollo Chorus (“How Could I Ever Know,” Simon/Norman).
  • Click here to hear a song I recorded while at St. Cletus (Rutter’s “Christmas Lullaby”)